Playwriting is...

A craft and a tool. As a writer you constantly strive to develop this craft and as a tool it has the power to unearth the hidden treasures, whether these are untold stories or more personal, social and creative skills that move far beyond the single play.

Anyone can experience it, whether it’s the primary school looking for ways of making that transition to secondary school or the EAL teacher trying to find ways of teaching English as a second language. The building blocks inherent in playwriting can aid the personal, social and creative expression of all.


Caroline is a  writer, dramaturg, educator, director and theatre consultant who uses playwriting as a tool in many settings. She was Dramaturg and Literary Manager at the Birmingham Repertory Theatre for 12 years and is a Fellow of the Institute of Creative and Critical Writing at Birmingham City University and a Master on the MA in Dramatic Writing at Drama Centre London, Central Saint Martins. She is the co author of ‘Playwriting Across the Curriculum’ and the originator of REPwrite, an interactive playwriting zone. She designs playwriting programmes nationally and internationally.


Recent Projects

The Dancing Club


The Dancing Club is a project celebrating Kidderminster legends Frank & Wynn Freeman. After the war Frank returned to Kidderminster and wanted to set up a dancing club. He inspired a whole town to get dancing and unlocked the creativity inside them. Across decades Frank & Wynn offered a place to go, to be creative, to be safe, to celebrate, and somewhere to access the latest music and dance trends. The Dancing Club became iconic. 'The Dancing Club' tells the stories of the communities, families, dancers and the musicians who passed through it. 


Don't Forget The Lights


‘Don’t forget the lights’is 'a verbatim play about mental health, presented in the Bedlam Festival 2015, Birmingham Repertory Theatre.

Weaving The Town


Caroline has written four site specific audio drama documentaries for The Museum of Carpet, directed by Peter Leslie Wild. The dramas are also available on the museum’s website.
[The Museum of Carpet